Opportunity House will accomplish its mission by accomplishing the following goals.

Goal 1:  Provide shelter for qualified homeless people in need and who are willing to put forth the effort to improve their situations.

Objective 1  Provide transitional housing suitable for homeless families who are based in or intend to reside in the Hood County area.

Providing transitional housing for transient or chronically homeless people is not included in this objective; however, such people may be helped, to the extent funds are available, to obtain transportation to other jurisdictions where help may be available.

Goal 2:  Attempt to lead the people in our care to salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and disciple them.

Objective 2.A  Love them unconditionally.

Objective 2.B  Provide each person in our care with an age-appropriate Bible at the time of intake, if they don’t have one.

Objective 2.C  Share the gospel with each person in our care in an age-appropriate manner as soon after intake as practical.

Objective 2.D  Continue to share Christ with those who have not yet put their trust in Him as long as they are in our care.

Objective 2.E  Provide age-appropriate life-application Bible discussion and study groups for those in our care.

Objective 2.F  Provide corporate worship of God among those in our care.

Objective 2.G  Facilitate people in our care transitioning to Christian churches or recovery groups of their choice for worship and Bible study.

Goal 3:  Aid the people in our care in supporting themselves and their families.

Objective 3.A  Identify businesses that will work with us to provide employment for people in our care.

Objective 3.B  Provide assistance in locating and connecting with available jobs.

Objective 3.C  Facilitate transportation to jobs for those in our care who need it.

Objective 3.D  Provide training for jobs that are available in the area and for entrepreneurship.

Objective 3.E  Provide training in applying for jobs (interview skills, guidance in completing job applications)

Objective 3.F  Provide training in personal/family money management.

Objective 3.G  Provide training in personal and family relationships.

Objective 3.H  Provide a mentoring program to foster Christian character and responsible citizenship.

Objective 3.I  Encourage people “graduating” from our care to return as mentors.

Goal 4:  Develop funding to support the ministry to people in our care.

Objective 4.A  Incorporate as a not-for-profit, charitable organization.

Objective 4.B  Cooperate and utilize other ministries as much as possible to improve care and minimize costs.

Objective 4.C  Identify probable costs to accomplish the defined goals and objectives.

Objective 4.D  Develop a realistic budget constrained by the available revenue.

Objective 4.E  Monitor expenditures against the budget and adjust both as needed to remain solvent.

Objective 4.F  Conduct appropriate fund-raising activities.

Objective 4.G  Obtain non-restrictive grants.

Objective 4.H  Conduct all activities and money handling with absolute integrity.

Goal 5:  Train our staff and volunteers to properly carry out their duties.

Objective 5.A  Train in sharing Christ.

Objective 5.B  Training in discipling and mentoring.

Objective 5.C  Train in the various aspects of program administration.

Objective 5.D  Train in teaching money management.

Objective 5.E Train as needed in other aspects of this ministry.