Who We Are

Opportunity House is a Christian-based 501(c)(3) ministry formed out of a community survey in 2012. The community answered the call of several families suffering temporary homelessness. Several concerned citizens of the community formed this non-profit ministry to help get Hood County residents back on their feet.

Our strategic goal is to involve our community partners and churches to adopt an individual or family to help support them while we walk them through becoming self–sufficient.  OH is committed to removing barriers and fostering long-term betterment.

When program participants come to OH they find a place where compassion and accountability meet.  At Opportunity House, we work on personal integrity and reliability.  We expect progress, not perfection.  We understand that it takes time to meet challenges.  Many individuals we serve are dealing with complicated grief and unresolved dysfunction from their past which contributed to their wrong choices.  OH supports them in examining their hidden positive feelings, such as hope, strength and forgiveness as they discover worth and value in Christ.

As of the beginning of 2019, we have served over 60 residents and successfully moved individuals through mentorship, educational enrichment programs, support groups and faith-based practices.  In 2018 we served ten residents and had over 40 referrals.  The average stay was 100 nights.  Many of these men arrived hopeless and downtrodden.  Five had been released from jail.  Others were living in tents, vehicles, motels and even on the streets.  Unemployment played a major role in their homelessness, as did volatile family relationships.  Opportunity House provides qualifying people a viable option to this type of life.  We collaborate with churches and community resource agencies to walk with our residents to attain their individual goals.

Of the ten people we served, seven now have stable housing and employment.  One is pursuing a career in ministry and is a major contributor to the our mentorship program.

The following slide presentation will help you understand Opportunity House and what we are about.  Click here to contact us if you have questions.  If you would like to donate to our mission, see DONATE HERE on the right.

How Can You Help?

Become a prayer warrior or community support partner, volunteer or donate.